Songs of The Madman (Remixed)

by Rob J Kennedy



When I wrote Songs of the Madman in 2016, it always had a spoken text soundtrack, but at the time when I released it, I thought the text needed a clearer story and some extra weight added to the story, so I released the album without the text. Now that the idea of the Madman has had time to mature, I have reworked the text and added it into this remix.

The journey of the madman goes from someone who seeks God, to someone who believes that he has destroyed God and the earth; such are the ideas of a Madman.


released June 5, 2017


all rights reserved



Rob J Kennedy Sydney, Australia

Bob Marley said, "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain"

Rob is an Australian composer and arts writer. He loves jazz, and contemporary piano music, but hopes to become a movie music composer, by tomorrow. ... more

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Track Name: What have I found
Doubters and disbelievers
giant sandstone castles, twisted and distorted words
godless people judging God.

They think they know better than God
They know nothing.

What have I found?

Stupid people with their stupid ideas.

Bloody fools.
Track Name: Into the Midst
Out here
away from everyone
I can hear God
and not the talk of fools.

The earth is my god
the animals
water and trees
they are perfection
and this is heaven.

It’s mine and god’s alone
we are the only ones who understand
men are fools.

Out here
into the midst
there is peace
and not the madness
of existence.

Out here
away from everyone
I can hear God.
Track Name: Call me Mad
It’s funny
they call me mad.

Yet, they’re the ones
running around
like chooks without a head.

Call me mad do you?
Look in the mirror
what do you see
you’re a picture of madness.

Your wasted effort
your wasted time

What have you achieved?
The air, the water, the earth
you’ve ruined everything
and you all hate one other.

Look at you, all that passion
all those words
and so little change.
Track Name: The Godhead
God stands
above everything else.

Divine being
creator and father of the world.

God stands
above everything else.

Everyone kneel
pray to God, give thanks.

God stands
above everything else.

Pray to God.

Give thanks.

God stands
above everything else.
Track Name: Transcendental Madness
It’s mysterious
the ways of God.

Even at times
I can’t understand.

But there’s no need to
Just feel it
and you will know.

Just believe
believe in the truth.

The truth of God
as it’s written.

God’s word
that’s all you have to know.

But you won’t
will you?

I know you’re there
I can hear your heartbeat.

Don’t try to hide
you can’t hide from God.

He’s everywhere.

And so am I.

Listen to the truth.
Track Name: I Walk the City
Here I am
alone again.
No one listening
no on watching.

Alone in this city
searching, looking for someone
anyone, who will listen.

I walk and walk
and find nothing and no one.

Not one person.
It’s a dead city
life has been removed.

If it was ever here.

Where did it go
what happened?

I walk the city
but nothing
not even God.
Track Name: One Honest Man
Are you an honest man?

Are you?

Are you an honest man?
Track Name: A Passionate Reason
I give you the reason
the one and the only reason
to believe me.

God is you
you are God.

Have faith in yourself
believe in yourself.

There is no other god
you are the divine creator.

You built the world
and everything in it.

There was nothing before you
and there’ll be nothing after you.

Man is man made.

There are no other creators
there is nothing else but you.

You are God.
Track Name: Into Solitude
Out here
away from everyone
and everything.

My mind is clear.

There’s no distraction
no people
and no thoughts.

I can see the world
the real world.

Out here
I can see the shape and form f the world
and I can feel it.

Out here
away from everyone
and everything.

I have found myself.

Out here
There is no God.
Track Name: God is Dead
God is dead?

What have I done?

I killed God.

God is dead?

It can’t be true.


Is God dead?

God is dead.

Where will we go?

What will we all do?

God is dead.


What have I done?

If God is dead
I am dead too.

Don’t tell me God is dead.

Don’t tell me.

God is dead.

What have I done?

It can’t be true.


Please no.


God is dead.

God is dead.
Track Name: A Silent Earth
Everything is gone.

The light is fading
And people are dead, everywhere.

We did this.

We destroyed everything.

Just for greed.

Stupid people.

Hating and fighting.

We killed the earth and God.

Our corruption and greed took hold.

We never took the time to care, or understand.

It’s all gone now.

God is dead.

People are dead.

There’s nothing left.

God is dead.

And the earth?
The earth is silent.

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